Maintenance Tips For Air Coolers

Air coolers are definitely a cost effective way of handling the heat during summer. They are actually a boon to the middle class Indians who can hardly afford to an air conditioner. There are different types of air coolers that are used for cooling different kinds of spaces. Though they are highly beneficial, they require regular maintenance for prolonged usage. You can either do the maintenance by yourself or also approach the air cooler services. If you prefer to choose the air cooler maintenance by yourself here are a few tips that can help you out.
1. Cleaning the Accumulated Dust
This is one of the most important air cooler maintenance tips to retain the efficiency of an evaporative air cooler.
Similar to the air conditioner, there is a huge amount of dust particles that is collected in the panels and filter pads.
Once there is an increased usage of the evaporative air cooler, it is a must to clean the dust using an air cooler cleaner solution.
2. Ideal Temperature of the Air Cooler
Another noteworthy air cooler maintenance tip is to know how the right temperature of the cooler. This can also help in maintaining the air cooler.
The temperature of the cooler must at least reach 85 degrees to save the water usage.
This can also comparatively increase the efficiency of the evaporative air cooler.
3. Fan Belt Maintenance
Air cooler maintenance also has the aspect of fan belts included.
Fan belt must have enough tension.
Ensure that the belt in the evaporative air cooler does not move more than an inch.
If you find the belt too lose it is better to replace them. This can improve the efficiency of the air cooler to a greater extent.
4. Maintenance of Other Cooler Parts

Pads in the cooler are supposed to get seated evenly. You can check this by turning on the cooler motor and pumping it.
If you find leakage happening, you can call in an air conditioner or air cooler service providers to fix the problem.
All the waterways of the air cooler must be cleaned regularly.
Having regular check-ups of the air cooler can also help.
5. Air Cooler Maintenance While Not in Use
Make sure you disconnect the power to the air cooler and clean the dust and slime using a brush.

There must not be dirty water in the tanks and pipes after usage in the summer season.
The internal parts must also be dried before putting off aside in the winter season.
This air cooler maintenance tip applies to the air conditioner as well.

Once you follow these evaporative air cooler maintenance tips, you can maintain the efficiency of the machine until the next summer.


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